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Frequently Asked Questions

Civil Marriages

1. Why should I choose Putteridge Bury?

The style and decor of our rooms make your wedding similar to a Church setting allowing you to still 'walk down the aisle'. The landscaped gardens provide the most superb and romantic backdrop for your photographs. Our clients tell us the service they receive is second to none!

2. Can I have music during the service?

Yes, either live musicians or you can use a CD player or an iPod for example. You cannot use religious music.

3. Can I video / photograph the ceremony?

Yes. Please speak to your Registrar about details.

4. Can we have confetti?

Yes, but we would ask you to ask your guests to only use it outside the building. Biodegradable confetti is preferred, metal and plastic confetti is not allowed.

5. Can we give our guests a drink during our photographs?

Yes. Please call the office to discuss your requirements.

6. Can I have drinks in the same room after my wedding?

No. For legal reasons this isn't possible.

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